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What's Your Mood?

A Special Occasion will come with a Special kind of Mood. We're talking Corporate Events, Client Appreciation Gifting, Brand Collaboration, Wedding Favours, and the list of wicks goes on and on. The last impression to any Weddings are the Wedding favours, so set the RIGHT MOOD! We work fiercely to get it right for you, from customizing your scents, attaching your logo/ engagement photo, down to helping you come up with a perfect custom name, we do it all.

Now let's get your own Mood!
For more information email us at

Choose a name...


We need the perfect name.
We can help you come up with the perfect names, so when ever you're ready we're game.

Choose a size...


4oz - 6oz - 8oz. Choose one. Silver/Gold tins are available.
Email for pricing. Whatever your budget is we can handle it and candle it.

 Choose a scent & colour...

Choose a scent & colour...


Pick a colour, any colour. 
What ever scents you're into,
we'll put our nose into. 
Now let the magic begin.