"Scent from Heaven"

"Scent from Heaven"

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A light, citrus, and earthy scent for all you beautiful angels who are always keeping it fresh. Perfect for Sunday cleaning and organizing. Are you still daydreaming on which candle to get? Halo, I'm right here! ;)

100% Soy Wax | Burn Time Approximately 30+ hours
Fragrance & Essential oil blends.

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6. "Scent from Heaven"

Q: What kind of Mood?
A: Perfect for cleaning, organizing, and not shoving it all under your bed. Studying/procrastinating is always welcomed.

Q: Top 3 songs to burn to?
A: Monica - "Angel Of Mine"
A: Sting - Fields of Gold
A: Puff Daddy ft Sting & Faith Evans - I'll Be Missing you 


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