"Frosty the Soyman" (Season VI)
"Frosty the Soyman" (Season VI)
"Frosty the Soyman" (Season VI)
"Frosty the Soyman" (Season VI)
"Frosty the Soyman" (Season VI)

"Frosty the Soyman" (Season VI)

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For this year's Mint Chocolate blend, we carefully combined Lavendar to give it a subtle, earthy, floral tone to soften up the overall classic scent.

With a firm base note of Cedarwood, the lavender brings out a nice clean woodsy scent with the holiday spirit of the mint chocolate. 

Garnished with dried lavender and cocoa powder, It's subtle with a nice touch of holiday spirit, and the perfect size for stockings.


A small and limited batch of 6oz candles was designed with the amazing artwork of a tattoo themed Frosty by Dani |@dose.of.dot 

Thank you Dani!


Burn time approximately 20+ hours
A blend of EO & FF

We repurpose all of our tins;

(If you're in the Forest City please save your tins, you should return back six empty tins in-store to @purdynatural to receive a free one candle!) 

Happy Holidays!!

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